Pay As You Go

Need help but don’t have the need for a monthly support agreement.

Our Pay as you Go services are designed to be flexible. They provide support across a wide range of hardware and software technologies and you are simply charged for the hours worked.

From 1st line trouble-shooting through to advanced 3rd line support we’ll work with you to resolve even the most complex technical problems. Here’s a few of the reasons customers ask us to provide them technical support:

Technical expertise – our team at Unleashed has been looking after complex IT infrastructures for more than 18 years. Our technical consultants have multi-vendor skills and are trained to the highest levels.

Multi-vendor support – because our technical skills cross many hardware and software vendors we can meet all of our customers’ IT support. This means you don’t need to manage multiple contractors and don’t need to get multiple suppliers involved to resolve issues that span more than one technology.

On-demand support – our customers value our responsive approach. When you need our help we’re there for you – on the phone or on-site. Because of our strategic partner relationships we also have priority escalation agreements in place with key vendors.

Benefits of our Pay as you Go service to your organisation :

Reduced costs – we can help you remove the training, recruitment and retention costs associated with employing high level technical skills in-house to support specific technologies

Increased availability – with access to the skills and experience of our entire Professional Services organisation, you can rest assured that your IT support incidents will be resolved quickly and effectively, increasing the availability and performance of your IT

Increased business agility – our flexible IT Support services can be used to provide extra resources to help you to respond to peak demands, as well as provide ad-hoc access to skills that aren’t readily available in-house

How PAYG works

Unleashed Pay As You Go IT keeps things simple—you just pay for the time you use! Charged at a simple hourly (or daily) rate, Pay As You Go support allows you to control all costs with no unnecessary overheads.

Unleashed Pay As You Go provides flexible hours of cover—from normal office hours through to full 24×7—allowing customers to match the service to their business needs and the service offers a choice of remote-only or on-site-inclusive options, including access to the Unleashed Help Desk via telephone or email.

Unleashed Pay As You Go is ideal for clients requiring ad-hoc IT assistance and maintenance tasks including break/fix support, access to help desk services, system updates and security patching

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