Website Development

Our web development division have developed some of the most engaging and interactive web applications around. Our web development team focus on strategy, web design, website development and project management of custom websites that have clear and unique business objectives. As the preferred web development company for some of Australia’s

Cloud Computing

Our Shared cloud services are the fastest, most flexible and cost efficient way to create, access and manage IT resources online.

Pure processing power and storage is instantly available from large-scale, high-end hardware, professionally managed on a 24/7 basis, running a wide range of industry leading applications.

Managed IT Services

The concept of providing a reliable, affordable Managed Services Contract isn’t a new concept, but it is amazing how few IT Support companies get it right.

The good news is that we can help you. In fact, 97% of the day to day problems that you experience with your computer network can be fixed easily and inexpensively with a regular, proactive monthly Managed Services Contract
from us.


Almost every business owner says that IT Management is one of their biggest problem areas. Their current IT Support model whether internally run, a friend or through a professional organisation is cumbersome, expensive and does not deliver what they are designed to do.

At Computers Unleashed, we deliver services in a unique way – we partner with businesses to ensure that their IT infrastructure becomes an Asset not a Liability, thus ensuring as your business grows so does ours. (There is no benefit to Unleashed if your infrastructure doesn’t perform as designed).

Therefore to cater for all organisations a flexible support model structure is available, from a fixed cost Proactive Managed Service to a completely customized Pay as You Go model, even through to us developing your long term goals through our IT Manager Program.

At Unleashed we offer an extensive array of Technologies, such as the following :

  • Server and Desktop Management
  • Mobile Computing
  • Network Management
  • Thin Client Provisioning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Development
  • Retail Systems
  • Security Facilities


“Unleashed were recommended to me by a friend for my IT problems. They provided us with a professional service which exceeded my expectations. Being in the competitive retail industry they have been great in growing our business – through setting up a web site and a reliable server infrastructure.”

David (Retail Industry)

“We are a financial planning / accounting organisation based in Melbourne. Before we partnered with Unleashed we had major issues with our servers and internet lines, and our staff were very frustrated. But since having Unleashed on board everything runs well, and we have grown to having 2 offices, which Unleashed setup. I highly recommend this organisation.”

Andrew (Financial Sector)

“We decided to use Unleashed because they took the time to review all parts of our organisation, and provide us with a report on it deficiencies. We found that their monthly managed services product was the perfect product for us as it enabled us to budget for all our IT and it reduced the costs of having our own internal IT staff. We would recommend them to anyone who requires a professional IT Services Team.”

Graham and Louise
(Building Sector)
We also offer businesses numerous IT Services Support Models such as the following:
Feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements.
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